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Welcome to the opening of Static In The Void. What better way to begin a new journey than to put up a photo that can be perceived as putting out the opposite message. This new site is my journey into the world of photoblogging. Whether as-is or altered in the "digital darkroom" of Adobe Photoshop, all my photographs are works that--to me--speak louder than words. My titles will vary from the obvious to the completely invalid. My works are for you to interpret in your own way, regardless of what I find in them. I will experiment with many types of photography and hope you'll all help me to grow with constructive criticism. You are not censored here, I just ask that you don't be vulgar for no reason.
Exif Data

Date Taken: February 13, 2006
Flash: Not Fired
Lens: 18 mm
Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter: 1/800 sec
ISO: 800
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