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The title is appropriate for a number of reasons, although seeing as how glaciers are melting, maybe it doesn't necessarily seem appropriate in the context of the snow on top of the mountain (although I can't remember what part of the country the plane was over when I took this over two years ago).

Anyway, for starters, I've redesigned the website. This is the fifth time in over three years (and second in the past five months).

For the first time, I've accomplished creating the photoblog I've set out to make all along. Before, I really lacked the patience to focus and figure out the various bits of coding and what-not to get something I was proud of. Sure, I've made (kinda) good-looking designs for the site before, but I was determined to make a layout that I don't mind sticking with for an extended period of time. I actually got sick of the last one before it was finished. It was kind of lame looking, felt haphazard to me. This one is much simpler looking (I don't know about you but the white is a much welcome change for me) but was actually the most difficult to date.

If you click around the top of the photo here, you'll see you can easily go to the Info (which you probably have done if you're reading this), Comments, as well as browse the pictures that have been put up around the time of the picture you are viewing. And best of all, it happens in a slick fashion without any crazy pop-ups or embedded pages. The Collection section is similarly put together. Browse the categories and tags with ease. Oh, and one of the most obvious improvements is that I've enlarged the thumbnails for easier browsing. All-in-all, I set out to create a design that puts the focus on the photos while adding a touch of flashiness and I'm willing to say that I have succeeded.

Oh, and btw, this will most likely look awful actually looks surprisingly OK in Internet Explorer, so do yourself a favor and grab Firefox 3.5 or Google Chrome. (Do it anyway, you'll thank me later.)

And one last thing, this is probably the last redesign in a while as I have a lot coming up. To go back to the title for a bit, I'm starting anew. In a sense, at least. For one, I'm hoping to get a new "grown up" job which may or may not require me to keep a "human" (boo) sleep schedule. I've got school coming up in fall that I'm really going to be focusing on so I can get my degree in December 2010. I am beginning a new life of trying to be positive and productive for myself, so I don't fall behind more than I already am in life. Oh, and with other things that will probably spring up here and there, there will probably be no time to make any original designs for at least a little while (which is why I got this done now, because I couldn't rest comfortably knowing that other pile of bleh was representing my photographs).

Anyway, wish me luck. Although my time might be taken up in, uhh, time, I will keep the photographs coming. Doesn't take much to sit down then sort, edit, process, and post. I just hope, as always, I can take some excellent new photographs!
Exif Data

Date Taken: June 2, 2007
Flash: Not Fired
Lens: 55 mm
Aperture: f/18
Shutter: 1/100 sec
ISO: 100
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